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IT support and Services
Web Development
Software Development
E-Commerce Development
Erp Development
Email/Web Hosting Solution
Enterprise Network Solution
Macros Development
Google Services

Business Support and Services
Small Business Solution
Email Marketing Solution
Digital Marketing
Business Outsourcing
Buyers & suppliers Solution
Wikipedia Page Creation

Logo Designing


At AVACS, we develop innovative and creative products and services that provide total communication and information solutions. Among surplus of services, web design and development, ERPs, CRMs, e-commerce solutions, managed Web/Email hosting and internet portal management, Google services , SEO, business-to-business applications, business-to-client applications are few in Technology services  that we offer. Satisfied clients around the globe bear testimony to the quality of our work.


As a leader in technology exploring, AVACS is committed to exporting quality software worldwide.

The general purpose of AVACS is to develop and promote advanced information technologies for multi-user operation.


AVACS’s also offer business solution to grow your business worldwide, we understand your business better, We are a company made by best research team to give you best business outcome

"By outsourcing the day to day back-office tasks, the business owner has more time to focus on generating income."

We hold surplus of information which helps your organization to grow in all direction


We assure the highest quality product, total client satisfaction, timely delivery of solutions and the best quality/price ratio found in the industry.

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